What to do when customers engage on social media

24 jan  |  Contributed by Kerri-ann Hogan

Engagement. It’s what all businesses both big and small are chasing! It’s key to a successful social media strategy and while large companies may have a team dedicated to their social media presence, for small businesses it’s a different story.

So now you’ve worked hard, produced great content, posted on schedule and yes, you’ve engaged your audience! What now? Write back! Essentially, it’s time to reward your audience for doing exactly what you’ve wanted them to. (And give yourself a pat on the back while you're at it!)

Instead of staring at a screen asking yourself what to say, follow these three guidelines for easy responses.

Be timely

Right now, your customer is engaged; it’s likely that won’t last for long so respond while the conversation remains relevant.

Be respectful

There’s almost no faster way to lose potential customers than to be rude and disrespectful on social media. No matter what you are responding to, always remain calm and be wary of how tone can be easily misunderstood in writing.

Be consistent

Whether your brand identity is feminine chic, calm and wise, matter of fact or enthusiastic, just as a post is in line with your brand, responses should be too.

If you have multiple staff members running a social account, plan ahead to avoid missed opportunities or double ups when responding.  Do this by allocating responsibilities based on time, or even perhaps by post. You may choose to get each member to sign off with their name at the end of a response, or brief each member on the style and voice of your brand to remain consistent.


Happy posting!

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