What to consider when it's time for a re-brand

10 jan  |  Contributed by Kerri-ann Hogan

People evolve. Technology evolves. Industries evolve. Your business too will evolve. Sometimes evolution will be the result of changes in your environment. Other times, by changes in the way you create your products or deliver your services. Perhaps your business will evolve simply because you do. Whatever the reason, a re-brand will be in order.

Re-branding doesn’t have to mean a complete identity change. You can keep your logo and brand colours while still changing your brand identity. Re-branding is simply redefining your image to better represent your business as it is now.

Re-branding can attract new customers, who perhaps better understand what your business has to offer. A new visual style and presence can also re-engage existing or previous customers.

The re-branding process doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming, or even that time consuming. Just remember these three key elements when planning your brand overhaul.

1. Focus on your audience

Who is it you are hoping to engage and what can you offer them? The answer to this should form the focus of your new style. It should visually appeal to your audience and should attract them with your offering.

2. Be consistent

Everywhere your audience looks should feel the same. Whether on your website, social media or in store, the same focus and visual aesthetic should be present.

3. Plan ahead

Before launching, plan how you will continue to build your new brand identity over the coming months. This will be especially important for consistency in social media presence.

Re-branding isn’t always the answer, but if you feel your business is no longer accurately presented, do something about it!


Happy planning!

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