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An SME is a journey where no map is perfect and no road is without bumps. We make sure the trip is first class, no matter which road you take.

At elltwo, we specialize in helping you identify the best path forward, no matter the business. We have honed our experience by working on marketing, public relations and mentoring projects of all shapes and sizes. With us, no journey is too short or too long; we will stick with you the whole way.

Looking for some ideas on how we can help?  See just some of the projects we have completed for our Clients below.

Hong Kong | SAR China

Macau | SAR China


Brisbane | Australia

  • Global Business Development Strategy
  • Branding re-design
  • Marketing Collateral Design & Publication
  • Business Development Process Design
  • Global Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Business Development Training & Mentoring
  • Value Added Reseller Network Establishment

Projection Group is a software and consulting business specialising in providing systems and advice to multi-billion dollar projects across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.  Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with major field offices in Brisbane, Manila and Bahrain, Projection has been providing cost control, workforce safety and collaboration tools to the Construction, Infrastructure and Energy markets since 1998.

Facing the dual challenges of a target market spread across six different languages and cultures, as well as offering software products in the context of a market rife with competitors, Projection needed a branding approach that not only cut through the noise, but set its products apart from its competitors in a way that made it hard to mimic.  The key to achieving this was ensuring that not only was Projection’s brand simplified to be easily understood regardless of culture, but that its team of consultants also bought into the brands key messages.

Sarah Smith | Chief Operations Officer - “the elltwo team immersed themselves in both our brand and our internal processes over the course of two years.  This allowed them to see not only how business functioned, but how it could evolve to meet the challenges of an industry that never rests. The result was the development of a strategy that simplified our brand, and the adaption of our existing systems and processes to provide a reliable, measurable process around handling Business Development.”

Canberra | Australia

  • Investor Research
  • Media Analysis
  • Investor Engagement Strategy
  • Executive Level Reporting

Seeing Machines is a company that prides itself as being on the cutting edge.  Listed on the London Stock Exchange, their world-renowned Operator Monitoring Systems are used by major multinational organisations operating in the mining, automotive, aviation and consumer technology sectors.

Embarking on an ambitious project to strategically target institutional investors, elltwo was asked to deliver in-depth research project to identify potential targets, and recommend methods of approaching them.  Timing was everything with this project, and the information needed to be delivered in a tight timeline, and with no sacrifice to its quality.

James Walker | Chief Financial Officer - “The technology market is an incredibly fast moving one. To keep ahead of any opportunities, you need reliable information to be delivered on a deadline. I’m pleased to say that not only did elltwo deliver per the scope, but they also were able to flexibly and seamlessly adjust as our needs evolved throughout the project.”

Brisbane | Australia

  • Business Development Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Training & Mentoring
  • Market Research
  • Sales Training & Mentoring
  • Sales Pipeline Development
  • Branding Advice & Design

ASTRA Group Services is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy specialising in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Logistics industries. Since opening in 2005, the business has evolved from simply delivering training via its certified trainers, to pioneering programs in the psychology workplace risk, completing whole of business OH&S audits.

Facing a changing market landscape, ASTRA identified the need to not only reinvigorate its marketing presence to appeal to a larger industrial audience, but also to train its sales team in modern Business Development strategies.

Ben Jones | Systems & Compliance Manager - “elltwo worked with our team on a group and individual basis to identify our key strengths and were entirely flexible on customising the support sessions to meet our changing operational demands and commitments. They supported us to further develop and enhance our tools to work and engage our target audience more effectively by identifying key strategies and optimising online trends and market behaviours.”