I've just started a business: which social media platforms should i use?

7 Feb  |  Contributed by Kerri-ann Hogan

When starting a business, there is so much to be done it can be overwhelming. Your social media presence doesn’t have to be on this list!

It’s important to always focus on quality over quantity. Don’t get caught up in attempt to be present on every social media platform trying to reach a huge audience with minimal resources. If you only have time to use one platform well, then only use one platform!

For a small business starting out, aim to use one or two platforms; for an established small business, use two to three.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for which social platforms your small business should be using. Let your business type and the audience you are chasing dictate which you use.

I often tell my Clients that Facebook is the new yellow pages. I strongly recommend that all small businesses are active on Facebook. Many potential customers will look you up on Facebook before Google! So, make sure you have up-to-date details such as opening hours, services, contact and event information.

If you provide a visually appealing product or offer a creative service and have the time to devote to frequent posting, I recommend using Instagram.

LinkedIn is ideal if you are trying to reach a more corporate audience and you are posting polished, in-depth content regularly.

If you are in the business of breaking news, want your audience to hear from you personally, or will benefit from joining in on global conversations, use Twitter.

If the business of social media is new to you and you just don’t feel confident, consider biting the bullet and getting professional help. Either hire a social media manager to take it all off your hands; or get social media mentoring to learn the skills you need to be successful and grow your business. These will pay off in the long run!


Happy posting!

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